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Image by: ©Astrid Dill

Image by: ©Astrid Dill

Alexander von Prümmer

Alexander von Pruemmer took several apprenticeships and graduated in Fine Arts and Media Arts. 

He started his career with an apprenticeship as a porcelain painter, then took a second as a media designer for online media and, later on, he studied Fine Arts and Media Arts at the Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg and ZKM Karlsruhe.

He worked for years in different design agencies in the field between graphic design and media design and as a free media artist. He always had a strong, inherent approach to music and did quite a lot of music projects in the past like subHUMAN, TAKEMITSU and Monosex.

Things changed with the call of a good friend in 2009, becoming an Art Director in his friends company 9plus in Berlin and later CEO of a small design & marketing agency called Supersteady as daughter company of 9plus.

During the last years, he formed out a more & more individual approach to fashion and lifestyle. The need for expression and a life long search for the essence in design and life led him to his latest experiences. 

With a strong knowledge in Craftsmanship & Design, Alexander von Pruemmer quit his job as CEO and decided to found his  „l´essence lab“ brand in Berlin in 2015 as a playground for new experiences with natural skincare products & scent development. 

He now works as an art director & designer in various projects and creator for his niche fragrance & natural skin care brand.



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